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[Information] Severe defect was found in Open SSL

Severe defect was found in Open SSL and fixed module will be released on the March.19.

Mailing List of OpenSSL


[Information] Apache Allura1.2 has been released from Apache Software Foundation

Apache Allura1.2 has been released from Apache Software Foundation.
Apache Allura is an open source implementation of a software forge, a web site that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs, and more for any number of individual projects.
Apache Allure

[Information] Open Source, a booming market

France seems to have the biggest open source market in Europe. 80% of French CEO is using OSS in their business according to the survey by Redhat 2013 and they have many OSS specialized companies and research centers.

Open Source, a booming market

[Information] Presentation slide for “Don’t Screw Up Your License” was released via Slide Share

A Lawyer in California, Ansel Halliburton had a session in Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014 and he released his presentation material via Slide Share. We have open interview on the 18th of November, if you are interested in the Intellectual Properties on OSS, please join us at ease.

“Don’t Screw Up Your License”

[Information] How do I secure Apache against the Bash Shellshock vulnerability?

It was found that bash has critical vulnerability called “Shellshock”.
And there is informative posting to solve it for secure Apache server.

Stack Exchange – How do I secure Apache against the Bash Shellshock vulnerability?

[Information] Interview of Tim O’Reilly in OSCON

OSI Board President, Simon Phipps, conducted a variety of interviews and we can check it from YouTube now.


Interview of Tim O’Reilly


[Information – “MariaDB Galera Cluster was released”]

MariaDB announced MariaDB Galera Cluster is available now. It is combined module between MariaDB and Galera Cluster which is developed by “Codership” as cluster technology for DB and API named “wsrep” was prepared to connect with MariaDB.



Top 10 Open Source myths in corporate IT

[Information – “Top 10 Open Source myths in corporate IT”]

There is an worthwhile posting if you cast doubt on the practicality of open source software. The following is the excerpt from the posting, though not only IBM, but also, other top IT companies such as Google, Facebook, etc contributes to develop open source software.

In the IBM Notes/Domino community, most open source is written by either IBMers or IBM Champions. And while many of them enjoy the nonstop stream of groupies and free beer that come with being open source contributors, most of them do it because they are addressing their own business needs in the process.


Core OS acquired Quay.io

[Information – “Core OS acquired Quay.io”]

Core OS announced that they acquired Quay.io which provides services in hosting private docker repositories. CoreOS’s customers who sign up for its service will get access to the CoreOS Enterprise Registry, powered by Quay.io.


Docker management utility, Panamax is released as open source software

[Information – “Docker management utility, Panamax is released as open source software”]

Panamax is an open source software which makes application deployment easier. It provides user interface for Docker, Fleet and CoreOS and you can create, share and deploy containerized app easily.