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Month: July, 2014

Bay Area Mesos User Group

[Events – “Bay Area Mesos User Group”]

There is a meetup for Apahce Mesos .

July 30, 2014 18:30-

570 7th St, San Francisco, CA




eBay uses Apache Meso and Docker for their CI

[Information – “Apache Mesos and Docker for CI”]

Apache Mesos is one of the popular cluster management system and sometimes compared with Hadoop YARN.


One of the noteworthy point is that it is used with Docker for distributed processing.
And eBay announced that they use Apache Mesos and Docker for their CI.



Selenium is not just for testing anymore!?

[Information – “Selenium is not just for testing anymore!?”]

Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing utility for web application.
The following article says it is not just for testing tool anymore.


The first stable version of Core OS was released

[Information – “The first stable version of Core OS was released”]

Core OS is a fork of Chrome OS and being released under “Apache License 2.0”.

Core OS is a lightweight operation system and doesn’t use package management, but require all applications to run inside containers, using Docker.

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks. The strategies and architectures that influence CoreOS allow companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to run their services at scale with high resilience.


[Core OS Release Note]



OSCON2014 started!

[Information – “OSCON 2014 started!”]

Now, OSCON 2014 has started and you can check the following video site.


Game Boy with Rasberry Pi

[Information – “Game Boy with Rasberry Pi”]

John Hassl, a DIY enthusiast succeeded in running Linux and classic game emulator in Game Boy box.


We are looking for place for interview with “Jim Jagielski”

[Inquiry – “We are looking for place for interview with Jim Jagielski”]

We are planning to have an interview with Jim Jagielski in September.

Jim is a well known and acknowledged expert and visionary in Open Source and IT, an accomplished coder (in numerous languages) and frequent presenter/interviewee/consultant on all things Web and Cloud related. He is best known as one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation and serves as President. He also serves on the board, as well as secretary, for the Outercurve Foundation and is a director for the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Jim works for Red Hat as Consulting Software Engineer under the office of the CTO.


If you can offer any place for it, please let me know.

We welcome questions to interviewee

[Announcement – “We welcome questions to interviewee”]

Now, volunteer members are preparing the question list for interview with Prof. Tony Wasserman, a director of OSI and Prof. Tadao Nakamura.

If you have any questions to those interviewee, please let us know at ease, or you can join volunteer members to be able to access wiki page to maintain question list and so on.

Adobe Systems releases Open Source Font “Source Han Sans”

[Information – “Source Han Sans”]

Adobe Systems announced they released open source font for Chines, Korean and Japanese named “Source han Sans”.

There are some differences among them though it may be difficult for foreign people to distinguish. The development team is located in Tokyo.

Source Han Sans

Chef releases “Chef Container”

[Information – “Chef Container”]

On the 15th of July, Chef released “Chef Container” which enables to create Docker image.